Floor Standing Split


Elegant Plus floor standing split systems are the optimum air conditioning solution for large places which require Floor installation, elegant appearance and ultimate comfort combined with efficient, quiet operation, optimum air distribution and increased air throw distance.



Healthy & Clean Indoor Air Quality\n(IAQ)
The Silver ion can kill bacteria or prevent their activity at very low density by destroying their inner-configuration and absorbing their elements in cells. Meanwhile, the Nano Silver attached on the filter release the Silver ion constantly to eliminate bacteria effectively. Efficient anti dust washable air filters for clean and healthy air

Modern Elegant Design
Attractive appearance with compact dimensions and light weight. Fits any interior decor with space saving. Smart LCD display which shows control functions and error code (in case of a malfunction)

Efficient Operation with Minimum Electrical Consumption
Efficient compressor with high efficiency and low electrical consumption leading to true powerful system cooling. Efficient Air Management System (AMS) leading to maximum airflow with minimum turbulence for minimum air resistance, smooth airflow and efficient operation. Carrier innovative centrifugal blower technology efficient operation at all speeds with maximum air flow.

Quiet with Minimum Sound Level
Patented cross flow fan, elephant ear propeller, new heat exchangers, improved Air Management System (AMS), and quiet scroll compressor.

Complete Safety & Reliability Functions
Auto restart function with backup memory. When the power failure is happened during the air conditioner operation, the microprocessor of the printed circuit board will memorize the operation setting. After the power is recovered, the air conditioner operates automatically ( without remote control after elapse of compressor time delay ), according to the previous operation settings.

Anti-freezing Protection
Anti-freezing protection of indoor coil when the air conditioner is operating in cool mode with excessive dirt on the indoor coil and / or clogged air filters and / or low ambient temperature operation of cool mode.

Additional information

Power rating

1.0HP, 2.0HP – 42KPA018NSP-708, 2.0HP – 42KPA018NSP-508, 3.0HP – 42KPA024NS-708, 3.0HP – 38KPA024NS-508, 5.0HP – 42QFJ48N-708, 5.0HP – 38QFJ48N-508, 7.0HP – 42KFGA60N-708, 7.0HP – 38KFGA60N-508


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