Carrier Ceiling Cassette Unit


The new cassette Sky, very quiet, has a centrifugal fan blades shaped like a wing which is an exclusive model and patents Carrier.

This provides better airflow, while significantly reducing operating noise levels.

The sleek profile of the new grid designed and patented by Carrier, allows for increased air circulation without creating drafts for the occupants. This unique technology also incorporates motorized air broadcasters.



Complete Safety & Reliability Functions
Auto restart function with backup memory. When the power failure is happened during the air conditioner operation, the microprocessor of printed circuit board will memorize the operation setting. After the power is recovered, the air conditioner operates automatically ( without remote control after elapse of compressor time delay ), according to the previous operation settings.

Anti-Freezing Protection
Anti-freezing protection of indoor coil when the system is operating in cool mode with excessive dirt on the indoor coil and / or clogged air filters and when the air conditioner is operating in cool mode at low ambient temperature.

Additional information

Power rating

1.5HP:12K – 42KTD012NS-1, 1.5HP:12K – 38KUS012NS-1, 1.5HP:12K Panel – 40CAS-S4, 2.0HP:18K – 42KTD018NS, 2.0HP:18K – 38KUS018NS, 2.0HP:18K Panel – 40CAS-S4, 2.5HP:24K – 42KTD024NS, 2.5HP:24K – 38KUS024NS, 2.5HP:24K Panel – 40CAS-L5


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