Carrier 30XB Air-Cooled Fixed-Speed Screw Chiller

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The AquaForce™ 30XB and 30XBP liquid chillers are the economic solution for commercial and industrial applications where high reliability and economic operation in all climate conditions are key customer requirements. The AquaForce™ 30XB and 30XBP liquid chillers are designed to meet current and future regulations for energy efficiency and operating sound levels.

They use the latest Carrier technologies: – Carrier O6T twin-rotor fixed-speed screw compressors. – Low noise 6 generation of Carrier Flying Bird™ fans with AC motor (30XB) or EC motor (S30XBP). – Carrier flooded shell-and-tube evaporator with new copper tube design for low pressure drops – 24 generation of “V” shape Carrier Novation™ microchannel heat exchangers with optional Enviro-Shield coatings. – Carrier Touch Pilot® control with color touch screen user interface that includes 10 langages and integrated web-server.



Very Economical OperationExceptionally high full load and part load energy efficiency: – 30XB version with Eurovent energy efficiency class A, B, and SEER 12/7°C up to 4.4 with option 17 in accordance with EN14825. – 30XBP version with Eurovent energy efficiency class A, and SEER 12/7°C up to 4.6 in accordance with EN14825. – Twin-rotor screw compressor equipped with a high- efficiency motor and a variable capacity valve that permits exact matching of the cooling capacity to the load. Novation™ aluminium condenser with high-efficiency micro-channels.

Low Operating Sound Levels– Discharge dampers integrated in the oil separator (Carrier patent). – Silencer on the economiser return line. – Compressor and oil separator acoustic enclosure, reducing radiated noise (option).

Simple Installation– Centrifugal low or high-pressure water pump (as required), based on the pressure loss of the hydraulic installation – Single or dual pump (as required) with run time balancing and automatic changeover to the back-up pump ifa fault develops – Water filter to protect pump against circulating debris – High-capacity membrane expansion tank ensures pressurisation of the water circuit – Thermal insulation and aluminium cladding (option)


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