Carrier 30RB 30RB Aqua Snap® Air – Cooled Liquid Chiller

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The AquaSnap (30RB604-804) version features a compact all-in-one package optimised for part-load applications where high SEER, SEPR, IPLV are required. The AquaSnap (80RB604-804), equipped with a variable speed fans and 0-10V signal for customer variable speed pump management, provides premium part-load efficiency to reduce maintenance costs over the lifespan of the chiller. The AquaSnap liquid chiller range 604-804 features the latest technological innovations: – non-ozone depleting refrigerant R-410A – scroll compressors – low-noise fans made of a composite material – auto-adaptive microprocessor control – aluminium micro-channel heat exchangers (MCHE)



Quiet Operation– Low-noise scroll compressors with low vibration level – The compressor assembly is installed on an independent chassis and supported by flexible anti-vibration mountings – Dynamic suction and discharge piping support, minimising vibration transmission (Carrier patent) – Acoustic compressor enclosure, reducing radiated noise emissions (option)

Easy and Fast Installation– High-capacity membrane expansion tank ensures pressurisation of the water circuit – Thermal insulation and frost protection down to -20°C, using an electric resistance heater (see table of options) – Pressure gauge to check filter pollution and measure the system water flow rate (option) – Water flow control valve (option)

Economical Operation– The refrigerant circuit includes several compressors connected in parallel. At part load, around 99% of the operating time, only the compressors that are absolutely necessary operate. At these conditions the compressors operating are even more energy efficient, as they use the total condenser and evaporator capacity.


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