It is annoying when you get a dent on the body of your vehicle. It can look unsightly and significantly lower the resale value of your vehicle, particularly if left untreated.  This is why Mandilas operates a dedicated Oven Baked Body and Paint Shop with expertly trained Technicians who can repair any external damage on your vehicle at an affordable price.

Whether you have scratched your vehicle on a hedge in the country, had a dent in a car park, or been involved in a more serious accident, we guarantee that we can return your car to its best in shortest time. As an official Dealership, we know exactly what your vehicle needs, so we can give it the very best care and attention with a high quality repair service tailor-made to match your model.

To find out more and book your vehicle into our Oven Baked Body and Paint Shop today, get in contact with the Mandilas Customer Service. You can give us a call, fill in the Enquiry Form on this page, or come and visit us at the dealership; our friendly team will be on ground to answer all your questions.